New Hires and Speed Dating

January 8th, 2010

Just when you thought you had the whole interview process under control the rules change.  In a competitive job market the employer has had to become as creative as the prospective job applicant.  Employers are seeing huge numbers of applicants for very limited job postings.  The cost of hiring is expensive both monetarily and in man hours needed to find the ideal candidate.  As an applicant what can you expect?  As an employer what can you do to maximize your resources and limit your risks?

First the employer;  you have less than ten jobs and more than nine hundred responses to your posting, rather than read each resume try to scale down the pool of candidates.  Send a group email to each of the respondents asking for a next step, ie. send in writing sample, references, come to an informational open house etc.  Then wait to see who responds.  Chances are, less … Read More

Looking for a Job? Maybe You Should Stop

November 20th, 2009

It is true the job market stinks.  It seems everyone is either laid off, early retired, or not able to get their foot in on the “entry level”.  In our earlier blog we talked about the problem of having been out of work too long.  We have also covered securing gaps in the resume.  If you have been actively seeking employment for some time now maybe it is time to STOP!

How dare I suggest such a thing? I know you have no intention of not working.  You feel more fulfilled and have a greater sense of self worth when you are doing something, preferably compensated.  My real point is maybe you need to STOP and reevaluate how you are approaching your job search.

If you have been at this for several months to a year or beyond maybe your search and search habits have become stagnant.  Take a step back and … Read More

Explaining Gaps in a Resume

November 18th, 2009

One of the hardest obstacles many a job seeker encounters is how to explain gaps, (a period of time without relevant experience) on a resume.  For the newbie (recent college graduate) the gap may be absence from school and not the workplace.  For the career changer it may be due to any of a number of reasons.  The best way to get around the gap is to not avoid it but address it head on.

If you left the work place to focus on family, raise a family or care of an ill family member, it is alright to say that.  A more creative way to address it is to quantify that experience into work place transferable skills.  Capitalize on any volunteer positions you had during that time.  Use any classes or workshops you may have attended and the skills you learned or kept current by doing so.

If your gap is … Read More

A Special Thank You

November 6th, 2009

I am stepping away from discussing the benefits of internships this week to say thank you.  This past weekend we were notified that the Internship Academy was awarded the Amber Grant from the Womens Net.  This award will allow us to continue relevant programs and find new and creative ways to better serve our student, career changer, and corporate clients.  We are so appreciative of the recognition of the educational and career building emphasis of the Internship Academy.  Keep watching for our new ideas or better yet, share what you would like to see from us, with us!

To learn more about Womens Net go to their website