CrossFire Legal Staffing

February 9th, 2012

While the economic turnaround is showing positive signs in many corners, traditional law firms have been slower to follow that same route.   Many firms have made the business decision to hire fewer entry-level associates and instead are using contract attorneys for overflow and project work.

While this is definitely not breaking news, what is news is how few resources there are for attorneys in their job search.   There are websites (both pay and free); there are law school career services offices; there is word-of-mouth; recruiters; etc.   On the hiring side, employers have a choice of internet and law school job boards as well as recruiters.  None of that changes the added pressure a candidate search places on the hiring partner or administrator in charge of placement.   A solid, well-connected local recruiter can be a valuable asset to those firms and companies looking to hire.

The small handful of staffing and recruiting firms with a local presence … Read More

After the Internship

July 28th, 2010

Unfortunately summer is coming to a rapid close.  Back to school has become the current retail season, the days are getting shorter, and it seems like everyone is talking about when they are going to be moving back to school.  Hopefully everyone had a fantastic and productive internship to set them on a more focused course!

If you have not already started talking with your supervisor and co workers about letters of recommendation, don’t hesitate another minute.  If you have a final date for your internship, schedule an exit interview with the person(s) with whom you worked most closely.  This is your opportunity to crow about what you accomplished and how having you in this internship benefited the company.  Take some time to put these accomplishments into a professional presentation, be sure to refresh your resume with these accomplishments too.  Take some time to thank everyone you worked with over the course … Read More

Take Some Time Now

June 3rd, 2010

With Memorial Day and the “start” of summer less than  a week over,  it’s easy to start relaxing into our cut offs and flip flop mode!  Don’t get too comfy yet, deadlines for fall internship applications are quickly approaching.  Don’t be left out on a great internship experience because you missed the date by a day or two.

Make your search and application process your other summer job.  Dedicate at least an hour every day to going on line and researching companies and opportunities.  Can’t concentrate or don’t have the best internet connection at home?  Take your laptop to the library or nearest free wifi coffee shop and get busy.  Going out is more like going to work.

Where do you start?  Go back to the positions you applied for or considered applying for last round.  What do you have to offer now that you didn’t have six months ago?  Look at the companies … Read More

Custom Resumes?

April 12th, 2010

Customize your resume for each job you apply to? You bet, especially if you are submitting your resume electronically. Yes it’s a hassle knowing what to change, or how to change it without loosing something but here is the rationale for doing it. No one is going to read your resume until it passes through the electronic filter. The job search landscape has a new tool and you need to know how to use it.

Look very carefully at the job post, what is it asking for? You have many of those skills asked for and you think the job would be interesting.
Look at your resume, (yes the one you worked so hard on) . How many words do you have in your resume descriptions that are the exact words used in the job description in the post?
Change your words to match the terms and phrases in the post. (Make sure … Read More