The World’s Oldest Profession

March 30th, 2010

No, I know what you are thinking and this is not about prostitution.  The oldest profession is sales of which prostitution is just a sub group, funny how it has been tagged as , “the oldest profession”.  Now why does sales belong on a blog about interns and job search?  Simply put, getting a job or internship requires some selling.

When I did sales training the sales model of the day was “need/benefit sales”.  It was a very straight forward concept, ask the buyer a series of probing questions to uncover what was important to him/her in a product (needs).  Using that information demonstrate how your product addressed what the buyer deemed important (benefit).

Again you ask, “why am I going off on a tangent about sales models?  This is supposed to be about landing a job!”   Stop and think, every time you write a resume or cover letter or go for an … Read More

The Real Benefit of Interning

March 3rd, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a small group of college students that had just completed a semester long internship.  A side from the “real” work world experience I wanted to know how they benefited from the internship.  The replies started with the obvious; experience in their field, saw how their classes prepared them for the workplace (or didn’t prepare them), through department rotations they were able to see “work” from different perspectives.  It wasn’t until I asked for stories about “what they did specifically”, that I uncovered the real benefit of doing an internship.

One of the respondents talked about a project she had worked on and the autonomy she was given to attact the work.  She had weekly meetings with her supervisor to check in and make sure she was on track.  At the end of her final presentation she received  very favorable responses from the department, more importantly she … Read More

IA On the Road

February 19th, 2010

I am happy to report that our first road trip of the season was both successful and enlightening.  This week the Internship Academy was at the spring/summer career fair of a large mid-western university.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi and spent some time finding out about our program.

We all have learned that first impressions are lasting impressions and our discussion after the event focused on “first impressions.”  1) The conference facility was very comfortable and well set up to address what ever need we may have had.  2) There were students of all disciplines dressed for success and prepared with resumes and questions.  3) Almost all of the students we spoke with were upper classmen soon to graduate.  It is impression number three I am going to focus on.

I understand the career center focusing on the students that have made themselves known to them, mostly graduating … Read More

We’ve Been Hacked

February 11th, 2010

What an awful feeling to come into the office Monday morning eager to start on a new blog topic and find that your front page and blog have been hacked into.  Not only was there no content in the blog but a very odd foreign language message on the home page.

In researching how much was taken I also discovered there were some internet providers that marked the site as a “known phishing site”, entry into the site was then denied.  My home provider gave me such a message making it impossible to monitor the site from home.

This is what the process has taught me, we will never know why our site was hacked or who hacked into it.  My online research lead me to understand the hack is planted mechanically from an overseas source, and the hack got in by finding a vulnerability in a site.  This has motivated us … Read More