Millennials in the Workplace

February 17th, 2017

The buzz in business nowadays is the “Millennial Work Ethic”. In most cases, we hear employers and people from the earlier generations turn the word “Millennial” into a derogatory term. All the Millennial memes on the internet are hilarious, but there are not as many postings about trying to understand their behaviors. The gist of all these claims against Millennials are that they are lazy and entitled. However, it may just be that employers and management simply do not understand what motivates them. If you or your company are trying to be more “Millennial-friendly” here are a few things to consider:

Work Environment

This may be the most important because it covers so many things. Millennials respond well to a work environment that allows them to be open and collaborative. Generally, offices with an open-door policy, have offices or cubicles that seem to encourage open communication, a communal area for employees to … Read More

Your Resume, Your Advertisement

February 9th, 2017

In our media-enriched world, there are advertisements everywhere we look. Advertisements have always been in magazines and billboards, and commercial breaks are nothing new, but companies are getting smarter and are advertising their products to us in increasingly clever ways. For the job seeker, your resume is your advertisement, a summary that tells recruiters why you should be hired and what you have done—and I bet you have more experience than you think.

I worked various jobs through high school and college, the first of which was in retail. However for my resume (AKA my personal advertisement), I didn’t want to just say I folded clothes and worked a cash register. To set myself apart from the many other candidates with retail experience, I thought hard about what I really did at work. I talked to customers, but really I used customer service skills to help customers solve their problems and … Read More

Time Management vs. Energy Management: Energy Wins

October 20th, 2016

Time. The elusive, inanimate object that everyone needs more of, yet the thing we seem to waste the most. For the working individual, time, and more specifically time management, can induce major stress. Some weeks we plan, schedule, and manage our time well. Other weeks… not so well. During those weeks of anxiety caused by a lack of time management, what can we do to remain level headed and accomplish just as much as we had during the weeks where we managed our time well? Simply put: managing your energy. Energy management is an approach that often succeeds where time management fails. Learning to harness your energy can reduce stress, increase productivity, and give you the time to relax when you need to.

Unlike time, energy is something that we can change and renew by taking simple steps. Getting the right amount of sleep, eating healthier, taking short breaks during the workday … Read More

Text Recruiting

July 27th, 2016

August, 1997. That’s when I got my first position in the staffing industry. I was a Staffing Coordinator for a light industrial staffing company. By 1999, I was a Branch Director for a $50M staffing firm, specializing in administrative and skilled trades staffing and in 2000, I went to work at one of the largest staffing companies in the country as a Technical Recruiter with an emphasis in automotive design and engineering. I was a phone warrior! I loved recruiting and 19 years later, I am still doing what I love, with one exception; I no longer use a telephone for recruiting. I only use a cell phone for texting and a computer for email. How has this impacted my placements, one might wonder? The simple answer is, my placements have never been better.
Let me back up a few years…on November 24, 2013 I was driving in the car when … Read More