Time Management vs. Energy Management: Energy Wins

October 20th, 2016

Time. The elusive, inanimate object that everyone needs more of, yet the thing we seem to waste the most. For the working individual, time, and more specifically time management, can induce major stress. Some weeks we plan, schedule, and manage our time well. Other weeks… not so well. During those weeks of anxiety caused by a lack of time management, what can we do to remain level headed and accomplish just as much as we had during the weeks where we managed our time well? Simply put: managing your energy. Energy management is an approach that often succeeds where time management fails. Learning to harness your energy can reduce stress, increase productivity, and give you the time to relax when you need to.

Unlike time, energy is something that we can change and renew by taking simple steps. Getting the right amount of sleep, eating healthier, taking short breaks during the workday … Read More

Text Recruiting

July 27th, 2016

August, 1997. That’s when I got my first position in the staffing industry. I was a Staffing Coordinator for a light industrial staffing company. By 1999, I was a Branch Director for a $50M staffing firm, specializing in administrative and skilled trades staffing and in 2000, I went to work at one of the largest staffing companies in the country as a Technical Recruiter with an emphasis in automotive design and engineering. I was a phone warrior! I loved recruiting and 19 years later, I am still doing what I love, with one exception; I no longer use a telephone for recruiting. I only use a cell phone for texting and a computer for email. How has this impacted my placements, one might wonder? The simple answer is, my placements have never been better.
Let me back up a few years…on November 24, 2013 I was driving in the car when … Read More

CrossFire Group 2016 Scholarship Recipients

July 22nd, 2016

CrossFire Group is pleased to announce the 2016 CrossFire Group Scholarship Recipients. The Recipients are as follows:

Chelsea Garrett – $500 scholarship – Ferris State University – Nursing
Josh Rubis – $500 scholarship – Central Michigan University – Mechanical Engineering
Brendan Fitzpatrick – $500 scholarship – Michigan State University – Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Byron – $250 scholarship – Oakland University – Marketing
Shaina Geml – $250 scholarship – University of Michigan – Master of Arts in Educational Studies with a pathway in Urban Pedagogy

Due to the number of outstanding scholarship applications, CrossFire Group commends the following applicants for their work:

Kylee Pepples – Speech Language Pathology or Teaching at Eastern Michigan University
Stella Gatzke – Russian and English at Grinnell College
Madison Mckee – Nursing at Western Michigan University
Emma Hartman – Writing at Grand Valley State University
Allyce Parish – Pre-Med at Macomb Community College
Ryan Parrottino – Business Administration at Walsh College
Kyle Deriemacker – Criminal Justice at Lincoln Memorial University

We would like to thank everyone who applied for this scholarship. Congratulations to the winners, and keep an … Read More

Speech Patterns and The Interview

July 5th, 2016

The excitement is building as time nears for The Interview. This job opportunity is what you’ve been dreaming of, and working hard towards, for years. Your appearance is great; your handshake is firm. Then the interview begins and your speech patterns make you lose some credibility.
Blame it on curriculum changes at the elementary and secondary levels, peer pressure, or whatever, the fact of the matter is dropping the word “like” into a conversation one or more times per sentence can be seen as less than professional. Take that thought and apply it to a job interview. There is research that Hiring Managers and Human Resources specialists, as a general rule, don’t look favorably to what are called “filler words”, such as “like”. Other culprits in the filler word category include “um”, “ah”, “you know”, as well as using “so” to begin a sentence.
In an article on, New York-based speech … Read More