Kevin O. – Procurement Manager

The team over at CrossFire did an amazing job of helping me through the job search, application, and interview process. After being with the same company for almost a decade, I was ready for a job change, but I was also very apprehensive to go through the job search and application process (especially during Covid). […]

Michael O. – Automotive Build Technician

My recruiter was excellent with keeping me informed about my current company’s start dates even during the Covid shutdown process. He was willing to meet me for the paperwork signing as to not be an inconvenience to myself since I lived so far from the CrossFire Offices.

Xochitl M. – Executive Administrative Assistant

The recruiter was very knowledgeable about the position he called me for. He found my resume online and got me in for an interview the same week and offered the position the following day. The company is a very reputable one in our area, and I had been wanting to get in for years with […]