Why Pay for an Internship?

September 27th, 2009

Paying a company to find an internship for a student or career changer is a relatively new concept and one met with a lot of resistance. Most learning experiences come with a price tag, music lessons, competitive sports clubs, college credits, why shouldn’t a student or career changer invest more than just their time in an experience that will set them on course for their career? By investing monetarily into the internship the participant takes ownership of the experience and tends to have a stronger interest in getting the most out of the offering. This commitment not only benefits the participant but also the hosting company.

Companies that charge a fee to place interns often offer more than just the internship. Some companies offer a combination internship and study/work abroad experience. Other companies offer to package the materials of a job search for prospective interns, leaving them with the responsibility to sign and seal, and then wait for the interviews and offers to come pouring in. The best opportunity for the intern candidate is the company that teaches and coaches a prospect through the job search process and then places them into an internship best suited to the candidate’s interests.

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